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Hi! I’m Kimberly. I’m the mom of a toddler, a doctoral student in information and library science, a content & metadata analyst sometimes-for-hire, a multipotentialite, and I’m magic. (So are you. So are we all.) This is where I live online. If you want to get to know me better, you should check out About. What I’m up to changes pretty regularly, so if you’re curious about what I’m working on right now, be sure to look at Now.

Bookmarked Witching Hour Baby - Gear for Goth Parents and Kids (Witching Hour Baby)
A boutique featuring affordable clothing and gear for parents and their kids with a spooky edge. Includes plus size goth clothing, baby clothing, and unique items.
Current wishlist: everything at this shop, which bills itself as “Goth Mom Central,” but most especially the Strange and Unusual hat, which I desperately want to obtain before I go wander in hot hot hot ATL & DC in June. [Image: woman wearing a black wide-brimmed straw hat with the words STRANGE & UNUSUAL embroidered on it in white text, all caps.]
Read How to be productive while living with chronic illness (or any sort of unpredictable life situation): Part II - Esmé Weijun Wang by Esmé Weijun WangEsmé Weijun Wang (Esmé Weijun Wang)
Find Part I of this article here. We all have different definitions of what is productive, and “what is productive” tends to be “whatever we imagine someone who is doing more than we are is doing.” Listen to me read the below here:  [Purchase this print] Having introduced y’all to my systems and processes in Part I …
It’s not noon yet and I’ve had a phone meeting and talked with my insurance agent, so probably I deserve a delicious sandwich and also your admiration? I’m a grown up, is what I’m saying.
Because I was a child when it started, I just started watching 90210 for the first time and I’m baffled that AO3 only has ONE Brandon Walsh/Dylan McKay story. Baffled, I say! What even are you, Internet?